NBA Preview: “Water Splash” Bounces Back Against Modeng Rockets, Hopes to Capture Warriors Again
The Houston Rockets successfully saved a match point at home. On May 28th, Beijing time, they will be visiting Golden State to challenge the Warriors.The Rockets are still in desperation, they need the team to continue to be in good shape.Harden wants to stay aggressive and Howard wants to play inside. They want to lead the team forward and win again to chase the total score to 2-3.The Warriors have missed a match point. Curry nearly injured and shocked the team. They want to rebound at home to win. They want to eliminate the Rockets 4-1 and advance to the finals.(ESPN TV/CCTV-5 live at Oracle Arena on May 28th, Beijing time) Key Mr. Harden in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals, the Rockets finally burst out of extraordinary energy, they established more than 20 in the first quarterWith a leading lead, Harden’s offense broke out completely, and they defeated the Warriors at home to save a match point.For the Rockets, this was the second time they were forced into desperation after the Western Conference semifinals. They won victory in the four matches that faced elimination. This also made Terry make a blunt statement that the Rockets were eliminated.He hopes the team can continue the winning streak.However, the Rockets players are well aware that tomorrow’s game at the Warriors will be the most difficult game. If they can win, the Rockets will have a good chance.  Of course, we also need to get a victory on the road, McHale, this is not new to us.That’s right, the Rockets faced the same situation in Game 6 of the semifinals. As a result, they managed to make a comeback. Now all they need is to replicate this scene.  As a team leader, Harden wants to continue to play an offensive role. He wants to drive the performance of the team.Howard wants to put pressure on the Warriors from the inside. He wants to dominate the rebound.Howard had elbowed Bogut in Game 4, but the league did not suspend him. He should be thankful that he needs to help the team with positive performance.  The last time the Rockets were able to win, the role players’ play was very important. Josh Smith helped the team greatly in the first quarter. Ariza, Terry, Brewer, Jones and others also performed quite well. TomorrowThey will bring more help to the team during offense.  The Warriors missed a match point on the road, and they played slack in the first quarter.As the Warriors coach Cole said, they were not prepared in the first quarter, and the Rockets are much better in this regard.For the Warriors, the shocking moment of the fourth magnetic field still appeared in the second quarter. When Curry fell heavily on the floor, everyone in the Warriors was shocked. Fortunately, Curry was not big.Obstacles, even when Curry himself recalled the scene at the time, he felt a little scared.  Fortunately, the NBA Finals will be antique on June 5th. For the Warriors, if they can win tomorrow, Curry will get enough rest time, so they will try their best to win tomorrow.The Rockets won the game at home. They know exactly what we will do tomorrow.Green said.  For the Warriors, it is important for them to return to their home court to have enough desire to win.Thompson’s bravery in the fourth game gave the team a lot of support for the offense. When returning to the home, he wanted to maintain this kind of offensive state. The Splash Brothers wanted to lead the team’s attack.Green, Barnes and others must also play an offensive role. They must bring more help to the team. On the bench, Livingston, Iguodala, Barbosa and others must also contribute to the offense.In defense, the Warriors need to be more active. They must effectively limit Harden’s offense. They must use the depth of the front line to pressure Harden.  The victory in Game 4 was the Rockets’ first victory over the Warriors this season, before they lost to the Warriors 8 times in a row.In the regular season as a guest at Oracle Arena, the Rockets lost 3 times in a row. In the playoffs, they have lost 5 consecutive times at Oracle Arena.  Both teams are expected to start the first-tier Rockets: Terry, Harden, Ariza, Smith, Howard Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green, Bogut