JD.com: It’s false news that Internet snatching Maotai through bugs was purchased by over 1.6 million people
For the rumors that some users used bugs to buy 400 bottles of flying Maotai at one time, Jingdong said on April 5 that the news was not true.Since April 1, JD.com has launched the pre-order activity of Feitou Maotai. The number of online pre-orders in the three days before the event has exceeded 1.6 million.However, there are screenshots circulating on the Internet recently, which show that some users have robbed 400 bottles of flying Maotai at one time in Jingdong.According to the appointment and panic buying rules announced by JD.com, only Jingdong plus members who have completed the real-name certification are eligible for appointment and panic buying. At the same time, a regular member of Jingdong plus can only purchase 2 bottles at a time and purchase a maximum of 5 bottles per month.However, some netizens also pointed out that 29.The total price of 980,000 yuan divided by 400 bottles is equivalent to 749 per bottle.5 yuan, and the actual price should be 1499 yuan.BOE said to reporters that recently Maotai has gradually started to book a panic purchase, which has aroused a lot of attention from Maofen, but some people on the Internet have used bugs to snap up 400 bottles of Maotai.Rumors made in the same way.”The production and dissemination of these false news have violated relevant laws, and JD.com will reserve the right to take more legal measures.”On March 28 this year, JD.com’s official WeChat public platform announced that JD.com and Guizhou Moutai will reach a cooperation in 2020. Consumers will be able to buy authentic and assured Guizhou Moutai liquor on JD.com.On March 31, JD.com officially opened the first part of the affordable Maotai booking snap-up event.Regarding the follow-up flying activity of Maotai Maotai, JD.com said that the event will still proceed normally, and will continue to press the relevant news of the event to JD.com members.JD.com will also further strengthen its risk control system, improve service quality, and satisfy consumers’ normal rush purchase enthusiasm and consumption demands for Feitian Maotai.Sauna, night net editor Lu Yifu Chen Li proofreading Li Ming