2014 Zhangjiakou Marathon Athlete Sudden Cardiac Death Informal Registration Contestants
On July 19th, the tragedy of sudden cardiac death of contestants appeared in the antique “2014 Zhangjiakou·Kangbao Grassland International Marathon” in Kangbao County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province.The race organizing committee announced the relevant situation on the official website on the 20th, and caused a large number of runners to “participate in the marathon”.  The organizing committee of the competition said in the announcement: “The temperature on the 19th will be 20 between 8am and 10am.1 to 25.4 silane.One player had an accident during the game.At about 18 kilometers on the half-track, the player slowed down and started walking slowly. His body wobbled, fell to the right, and collapsed to the ground.Then the ambulance rushed to the scene in time for emergency ambulance, in which the player entered the Kangbao County People’s Hospital for rescue, and eventually died after the rescue was invalid.The cause of death was diagnosed as sudden cardiac death.”According to the introduction of the organizing committee, this player is an unofficially registered player who uses other people’s numbers to participate in the half-time event.At present, the organizing committee is negotiating with the family members of the players to deal with the aftermath.  The 2014 Zhangjiakou·Kangbao Grassland International Marathon is a competition jointly sponsored by the China Athletic Association, Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, Zhangjiakou City People’s Government, Zhangjiakou City Sports Bureau, Kangbao County Government and event promotion company.This competition is also the first marathon held in Kangbao County, with a full course for men and women (42.195 km), men and women half way (21.0975 km) and mini marathon for men and women (4.5km) etc.(Reporter Wu Junkuan)