Any distance, please remember to keep our heart closer to our mother
The poster elements come from the movie “The Taste of Popcorn”.Answer: A / B / C May 10, 2020 is Mother’s Day of the year.The origin of this festival can be restored to ancient Greece in the early days, and it was initiated in the United States in modern times.China began celebrating this festival in the 1980s, but the love and respect for mothers in Chinese culture has never stopped.From Meng Jiao’s “Who Speaks of the Grass, Gets Three Chunhuis” to Bingxin’s “Fanxing · Spring Water”, the praise of mother and mother’s love is regardless of country and time.Among popular songs, there are too many songs written for mothers.The spring wind and rain warm my heart / I give away my life without words / How warm your eyes are / Teach me to look forward firmlyInfinite / Please allow me to say that I really love you-Beyond “Really Love You” Beyond This song is a love song from the title of the song. In fact, it was written by Huang Jiaju to his mother.He was able to embark on the path of music. His father did not support it very much, but his mother gave him a lot of strength.The lyrics expressed love directly to his mother and confessed his influence on him.Sunrise and sunset / Deeper and deeper / A small square table / Mei Yisu / A silhouette is busy busy / A pair of hands makes this time a person who is too young / He is always dissatisfied / stubbornly notWish to stop / Footsteps / Long walked in the high sky / Forgot to look back / Did she cry? -Mao is not easy “One Meat and One Vegetarian” Mao is not easy This song is passed plainlyDescribe, outline the mother’s appearance on that ordinary and warm day.This is the warmth in the memory of many people. When they work hard in different places, some people are always worried at home.The child keeps walking forward, remember not to drop your mother’s hand when you look back.When the time leans back to today / You are a dad / My fictitious sister / But when the time is stolen a little bit / Xue Luo only found out / Is the responsibility lighter? I prefer mother you are a sisterTake care of you / mother, you do n’t have to be who you are / pamper yourself with beauty. Cai Zhuoyan ‘s “Sister” is a personal experience of Cai Zhuoyan that can trim the role her mom plays in her life.Because it is a single-parent family, my mother has to pay more.Through this song, she expresses gratitude and love to her mother, hoping that her mother will be fed back by her in the next days, and do n’t be tired anymore, her daughter grows up.I’m going to climb in front of you, I want to look at the far window of youThe desire in my heart is always your affirmation-Wu Qingfeng’s “Childhood” This “Childhood” is not for the mother, but for the father.What Qingfeng’s father said to him when he was seriously ill became the inspiration for the song, and he wrote an unsmiling image of his father.In proportion to his mother, it is easy to erect a high wall between a boy and his father. He clearly has love but is unwilling to express it directly. He expressed this feeling most vividly.Nowadays, the business sense of Mother’s Day is getting stronger and stronger, and many people weaken it to a concept.Great, omnipotent . These vague concepts are easily biased in understanding mothers.Every mother is not a mother by nature. They also have times of vulnerability and learn to be mothers at the same time.As we grow, we may be further away from them, but remember to keep your heart closer to them.Written by Wu Longzhen, proofread by Li Ming