2015 All-Star Curry scored 27 points and King Thompson played the bottom of the finals
On February 15th, Beijing time, the NBA All-Star Sanke 3-pointer was born, and Stephen Curry won the crown.Curry won the three-point game with 27 points. A total of 8 people participated in the three-point contest: Stephen Curry, Marco Bellinelli, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Kyle Korver, Wesley-Matthews, JJ Redick and Klay Thompson.  The Warriors are dispatched to replace the generals, and the Splash Brothers are a cause for concern and a favorite to win the championship.The players who participated in the three-point contest this time can be said to be the most intense matchup in history.  The rules of the three-point contest have also been adjusted.There are still 5 points, 5 balls for each point, one of which is a flower ball, and the other 4 points have only one flower ball.  Matthews was the first to score 22 points.  The second player was Redick. He didn’t hit the ball, but because of stepping on the line, he was cancelled a few times and only scored 18 points.  The third player was Harden, who performed poorly and only scored 15 points.  The fourth player to play is Irving, a former champion who scored 23 points.  After a short break, Curry took the lead in the second group. He scored 23 points in the game.  The second appearance was Thompson, who lived up to expectations and scored 24 points.  The third player to appear was Korver. He played abnormally and scored only 18 points and was eliminated.  The last player to play is defending champion Belinelli, who must score 23 points to advance.He didn’t go well at the beginning, and he only got 18 points in the end, and was eliminated.  Shuihua Brothers and Irving entered the finals.  Irving made his first appearance, playing worse than the first round, scoring only 17 points.  Curry made his second appearance. He felt five points: 4 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 8, scoring 27 points.  The champion has become the Warriors’ bag, and Thompson made his last appearance with only 16 points.  Thompson threatened to hit 25 goals to replace the wish.Fortunately, teammate Curry became the champion.(Angkor)