National People’s Congress Lin Tengjiao: vigorously develop private education
Lin Tengjiao, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of the board of directors of Sunshine Holdings, submitted “On the Development of Private Education as a Policy for Promoting National International Competitiveness” at this year’s two sessions of the National People’s Congress.Lin Tengjiao, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of the board of directors of Sunshine Holdings, suggested that private education be vigorously developed.Encouraging powerful enterprises to establish comprehensive universities and basic education Lin Tengjiao believes that the vigorous development of private education is the need to enhance the country’s scientific and technological competitiveness, which is conducive to enhancing the “four self-confidences” and is conducive to solving the problem of education equity.Therefore, in view of the development of private education, Lin Tengjiao proposed that from the strategic height of enhancing national competitiveness, support private education to become bigger, better and stronger.The educational operation mode of private education representatives meets the needs of the development of modern society, pointing out that private education not only reduces the efficiency of public education resource allocation in the whole society, but also is not conducive to the substantial improvement of educational equity.He suggested that in the country’s general trend of advancing the modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities, private education should even act as a contribution to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Lin Tengjiao suggested that more powerful enterprises should be encouraged to establish comprehensive universities and basic education.It is recommended that the country introduce policies to support Huawei, Ali, Tencent and other powerful private world top 500 enterprises to run education, especially to establish applied technology universities; at the same time, select some private universities that have school strength and development potential to help them become world-classThe university allows the research budget strength of large enterprises to be closely combined with the talents and research resources of the university.Refined to a specific scale, Lin Tengjiao said that inclusion is an important way to integrate industry and education, and establish an industrial system with real economy, technological innovation, modern finance, and human resources collaborative development, so that more Chinese companies can participate in international competition like Huawei.National glory; restructuring and a fully open market can better avoid the “zero-sum game” and achieve win-win cooperation.In terms of basic education, more private schools should be allowed to expand their extensive practice in educational concepts, school models, curriculum resources, management culture, etc., in order to maintain the diversity of the educational ecology, cultivate the soil for educational innovation, and avoid the “ten thousand school side”.The qualitative development and the “one size fits all” simplified management have brought irreversible far-reaching influence to the previous education.It is recommended that the Ministry of Education guide the reasonable and reasonable proportion of private schools in various areas in terms of protecting the autonomous autonomy of private education according to law. At present, the “Regulations for the Implementation of the Law on the Promotion of Private Education” stipulates that “private schools have the same enrollment rights as public schools at the same level.Independently determine the scope, standards and methods of enrollment “, but it is often difficult to understand in practice.Some local governments have issued policies that deprive private schools of independent enrollment rights and people ‘s autonomy in choosing schools across the board, resulting in fierce social disputes.In this regard, Lin Tengjiao also put forward his own suggestion, “It is recommended that the National People’s Congress and the Ministry of Justice initiate a review of the legality of local admission policies to ensure the achievement of the rule of law in the field of education.同时,建议教育部给予地方更多政策空间,引导各地合理调控民办学校比例、办学门槛与办学方向,确保按照《民办教育促进法》精神,‘积极鼓励、大力支持、正确引导、依法管理’,Promote the vigorous development of private education.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Qian editor Wu Xin proofreading Wang Xin